TRAILBLAZERS | Nora Norul Zaihirme Hj Mohd Tahir

TRAILBLAZERS | Nora Norul Zaihirme Hj Mohd Tahir


Looking back, August 2 this year marks the 13th year since Nora Tahir joined BAG Networks. Her journey into customer service and change management began after her stint at a renowned local hotel.

For Nora, although she felt out of place at first among colleagues with backgrounds in engineering and computer science, she embraced her role with an open mind, which allowed her to change and grow in many ways throughout the years, aptly in the field of change management.

In 2016, she was among the 16 Change Management Officers in BAG Networks who qualified in the world-recognised APMG International Change Management certification.

As a Change Management Officer, Nora’s main task is to brief client users from 138 departments on the updates within the Treasury Accounting and Financial Information System (TAFIS).

Nora shared that TAFIS undergoes a number of different updates to the system annually.  This means Nora and her team is busy yearlong organising briefings and meetings, either one to one or in a full auditorium hall to update users on new changes.




“It’s not as simple as sending out an e-mail announcement. We take time to meet clients, interact and build rapport with them either through training, briefing or even roadshows to ensure they are fully comfortable and confident with the upgrades in the system,” she said.

She went on to say that clients who prefers face-to-face interaction are able to voice their concerns directly and get an immediate reaction, something that may not be as easily expressed in e-mails.

She also acknowledges that adjusting to change is difficult for some users and criticisms are common. However, Nora choose to take these challenges as motivation to find and deliver better approaches to communicate the changes.

“Client users are from different backgrounds and age groups, which lead to them having different perspectives and levels of ease in accepting changes. But my philosophy is that anyone who can learn to take selfies can also learn to take changes in TAFIS.” “This is part and parcel of how we reach out, engage and support our clients so that everyone from junior clerks up to directors can share and benefit from the experience of TAFIS as an evolving system,” said Nora.


“Getting information from a technical expert and then translating it to a non-technical user is not easy.

We get there by thinking from the clients’ point of view, and even feeling what they feel when they are faced with the changes.”

When formulating their message, miscommunication often happens between the various teams she works with. Hence it is a priority for her and her team to ask questions from multiple perspectives to get the facts right before they disseminate the changes to TAFIS users. “Despite English as our main medium of communication with regards to technology, we always uphold the national philosophy of Melayu Islam Beraja (MIB) and promote use of Bahasa Melayu as our national language.” “Therefore, we put in extra efforts to produce user guidelines in both English and Bahasa Melayu as well as deliver our briefings bilingually to ensure our message comes across effectively,” said Nora.


Nora believes that a system is only as successful as its change management, to ensure its smooth implementation.

As TAFIS service provider, BAG Networks is committed to continue to support the system and users in the years after its launch, so it is up-to-date with changing technology as well as client requirements.

“At the end of the day, my job satisfaction comes simply from seeing our clients happy with our work,” said Nora smilingly, spoken like a true Change Management Officer with her client interests at heart.


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